About this Network

This is our Digital Champions Network

And we are Digital Unite. 

We’ve been delivering digital skills support since 1996. And we’ve poured that experience and, the experience of the organisations we work with, into this award-winning Network.

Created in 2013, our Digital Champions Network provides online training and support for Digital Champions. It shows staff and volunteers how to teach someone essential digital skills, how to identify and overcome different barriers, how to support nervous and reluctant learners and importantly, how to do it all with confidence and with gusto!

Supporting organisations and their Digital Champions

The Network has CPD-accredited e-learning, stacks of how-to guides, a Digital Champion community and project management training and tools too.

Digital Champions find reassurance in the safety net it offers, and organisations gain a foundation and a ‘glue’ that brings their digital skills activities together.

All in all, it’s pretty special because it’s the only one of its kind. That’s why it’s used by hundreds of organisations and thousands of people across the UK.

To find out more and how to join, just head over to our main website at www.digitalunite.com, email us at du@digitalunite.com or call 0800 228 9272.

We’d love to hear from you.

Last modified: Monday, 3 October 2022, 8:41 AM